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Air conditioners

Enjoy a cool ride again

There is almost no better feeling than stepping into a nice and cool air conditioned area to get out of the heat. In order to do this, you need a well running air conditioning system in your car. Rolling down the windows, especially once the weather really heats up, is just never enough to keep you comfortable. Our shop offers complete air conditioner service and repairs. Schedule your service today.

Our air conditioner services

  • Air conditioner system evacuation and recharge

  • Compressor replacement

  • Condenser replacement

  • Evaporator core replacement

  • Thermal expansion

  • Valve replacement

  • Receiver dryer replacement

  • Cabin filter replacement

  • R134a retrofitting and more

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Certified mechanics

All of the repairs at our shop are performed by the expert ASE certified technicians. They have the knowledge and training to handle any repair job correctly the first time.

Our shop offers some of the best repair prices around.

Just give us a call to set up an A/C repair appointment today.

If your air conditioner still works, but it just isn’t as cool as it once was, let us perform a recharge. Our recharging will make your air conditioner run like it is brand new again. It is also much safer than those do it yourself kits which can damage your vehicle’s unit.