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Electrical systems

Repairs for complicated systems

The electrical systems in cars are larger and more complicated than ever before. Your car is now controlled by a series of interlocking electronic parts that are all monitored and maintained by a central computer. With cars being more complicated than ever, there are more things that can go wrong than ever.

Our electrical repairs

  • Electrical wiring repairs

  • Check engine light diagnostic

  • Anti-lock braking systems

  • Vehicle control systems

  • Keyless entry and power windows

  • HVAC

  • Navigation and gauges

  • General troubleshooting

  • Alternators and starters

  • Bulb replacements and more

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NAPA Authorized Care Center

Our shop is a NAPA authorized repair center. This means that all of the work that we do is backed by one of the biggest names in the automotive repair industry.

Prevent electrical problems with maintenance.

Get electrical diagnosis and repairs from us.

We provide troubleshooting and diagnostic service for all makes and models of vehicle. Our ASE certified mechanics can quickly diagnose any problem and make the right repairs.